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Agro Foods, Inc. is major importer, wholesaler and distributor of high quality dried fruits, nuts & specialty fine foods located in Paterson, New Jersey. It was founded many years ago by Adam Cetiner and is now supplying many retail stores, grocery stores, bakeries, supermarkets, mini-markets, convenience stores, drug stores, and online stores.


We supply bulk and packaged dried fruit, nuts, specialty products, sun dried and processed vegetables and other items, to an assortment of food industries throughout North America & Canada. At the present time, we provide just-in-time service to customers in New Jersey, New York and the Tri-State Area.


Our same day bulk delivery service mainly operates within a 50-mile radius around Paterson, NJ, United States of America. It always delivers your order on time and will take it directly to your storage rooms.

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Edible Nuts

Browse through our products and select the best of edible nuts out there.

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Value Packs

We refer to our packaged products as Value Packs. They come in small sizes - 6oz, medium sizes - 8oz and large sizes - 21oz.


Here comes an exciting combination of ten packs: Cashews, Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Turkish Filberts, California Pistachios & Turkish Pistachios, Walnuts and much more. These deluxe mixed nuts contain no peanuts. 

A thrilling treat!!!